Different Channels of Direct Marketing

With reducing time, money and human resources, the need for multiple channels of marketing increases. Customer loyalty crisis gives way to hold onto customers through different methods and procedures. One may wonder why and how can marketing the same audience set pace for a better quality customer acquisition and brand expansion.

In between marketing investments and revenue, there is direct marketing and indirect marketing, and then there is offline and online marketing. With the emergence of digital media, marketers have been able to envelope more forms of marketing in their promotions and branding. Best contact addresses let you try few most effective marketing types and forms. Let us take you through the most important ones in our article:

  • Re-Marketing: Internet Marketing
    Bring visitors back to your products and service advertisements by remarketing them online. Marketers through Google conversion tracking code use cookies collected in the web server to track the web location of the target user, who has visited specific products in their website earlier and re-market their product or service highlighting discounts across every website they visit next.
    Remarketing to YouTube viewers with AdWords video tailored advertisements not only increases scope for organic traffic, but also ROI. Alongside, Companies pay to get advertisements sponsored in specific sections of search engines, commonly known as Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC. Search engine marketing, email marketing, web site marketing and social media marketing pull in referral traffic.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell with Offline and Online Marketing
    For profit generation, marketers often adopt up-selling and cross-selling procedures. While up-selling refers to selling a better version for the same product, cross-selling means promoting other complementary goods besides the intended one. Both online and offline marketing are good for up-selling and cross-selling. Besides, emails and social media, newspaper advertising and television ads and direct mail marketing (traditional marketing) are in high demand. To know about integrating email marketing with social media marketing, go through our blog with the same title.
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing
    Inbound marketing as the term sounds, is marketing a brand without reaching out directly to clients. So, having your brand found by customers surfing the internet, through indirect marketing. Search engine optimization replaces PPC in inbound marketing.
    Outbound marketing and direct marketing involve product or service advertisement through cold calling, online and offline newsletters, banner ads, infographics, billboards, telemarketing and mobile marketing as in-game marketing, SMS marketing, location based marketing and online banner marketing.
  • Influencer Marketing and Industrial Marketing
    Both direct and indirect marketing are strengthened by targeting a specific sets of target audience and specific industries. Targeting high-ranking executives brings the need for influencer marketing and cross-industry market approach requires industrial marketing. This requires particular contact details such as target contact name, address, industry type, company size, revenue, email and mailing address, phone and fax numbers and more. These kinds of marketing techniques foster high lead generation and reap in high profits.
  • Personalized marketing: Helping Niche Marketing
    Every customer differs in his or her interest in particular products and services and that is where personalized marketing materializes. Every company likes a product, that seems fit to support their business, to be promoted in a unique way. So, you may have to promote the same product across business verticals in several patterns to meet the interest of the recipient.
    Niche marketing takes place when a particular business firm has been awaiting a specific product or service and no other marketer has been able to offer the same, while you have it ready to be offered.
  • Promotional Marketing through Trade Shows
    Trade shows and events are generally conducted to advertised new products and new upgrades. Most of the time these kinds of events may include contests to offer a prize or coupons for discounted products. Sometimes, the product samples are distributed for trial before being the purchase, so that market penetration becomes more result-driven.
  • Drip Marketing
    Drip marketing involves scheduled emails that “drip” into the target customer inboxes at the scheduled time. This can be used for follow-ups, up-selling and cross-selling too. At times, marketers also schedule phone calls to hold onto customer loyalty for a profitable client relationship.

As information sharing is on the rise to develop awareness among customers across business and industry verticals, correct contact data is in high demand. Email Data Group makes contact discovery services time and cost-effective. So, if this interests you, we are just a call away. Our toll-free number is 1-800-710-4895. You can also drop us an email at info@emaildatagroup.net.


Business Phone Appending Process

Phone numbers change as many times as emails do, or sometimes even more frequently. To improve your ROI by a substantial margin phone appending is a must. The process of phone appending adds missing numbers to your incomplete database, thereby converting it into a valuable list. You can choose to append phone numbers to your existing list with phone appending services that can fetch you the most up-to-date and accurate phone numbers to get the most out of every dial attempt.

The Process

At Email Data Group, the email appending process is done in just 5 simple yet highlyeffective steps:

Step 1 – Selection

The client compiles the database to be appended and shares the file with us via a secure FTP portal for the phone appending process.

Step 2 – Appending

The database uploaded on our FTP server is downloaded for appending. Phone numbers, present in our master database, are matched with client’s file and added to the database.

Step 3 – D-N-C screening

The freshly appended phone numbers are matched against our updated D-N-C list (Do Not Call) that is a pre-requisite of the phone appending process. Once the data is matched along with the latest, updated national D-N-C registry, the processed data is screened to comply with the do-not-call regulations and all the DNC registered contacts are removed from the list.

Step 4 – Tele-verification

Tele-Verification of the appended data is important to cross-check validity of the prospects. The tele-verification is carried out by our team of experts to ensure that only valid contacts are stored in the final database.

Step 5 – Upload

The cleansed and appended data is shared with the client in the original format via our FTP server for the client to access. For security purposes the data is shared via any medium apart from emails.

How Targeted Email Lists generates more Leads?

Generate-Successful-LeadsRolling out an email campaign with the help of general emails will not produce tangible results. Most of the marketers send out emails to all email addresses which they have in their database. Which is why they are failing in email marketing. According to the survey results 60-70% of people are receiving junk emails from different brands and companies. Before rolling out any email campaigns, firstly we have to verify the email addresses and need to ensure that you reach the right audience.

The Marketing team has a big challenge in finding out the right audience or the right people. What is the solution? The solution is you need to purchase a targeted email lists. The result is 10-15% response rate with the help of general emails and 70-80% response rate with the help of targeted emails. There is a huge difference in results. Targeted email lists generates more leads and conversions because it contains the right people whom you want to reach and it has the complete contact information.

Email Data Group provides targeted email list for all types of industries. We provide the data with high quality and accuracy.

To purchase targeted email list!

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Why Purchasing Email List is not a Bad Idea?

Purchasing email list is not a bad idea. If you are a marketer who would like to promote or market your products or services email marketing is the best solutions. To roll out an email marketing campaign you need email addresses to send the promotional offers.

Generally all the marketing companies will have their own internal database of their existing clients. But how do you reach the new customers? The solution is to purchase email list from trusted companies or vendors.

When you approach any email list service company please provide them information like which industry you want to target? Any specific job title you are targeting? One of the main advantage of purchasing an email list is you are saving time to build a list and you can reach your prospective customers.

Building an email marketing database of your customers and targeted prospects is a great way to build digital relationship. It works so well in generating leads, that’s why everyone, including your competitors are doing it.

Types of Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing refers to the advertising or marketing method used to advertise or marketing through web or Internet. There are different types of online marketing methods to market your products or services.

Types of Online Marketing

Email Marketing: Email Marketing is the best choice compared to other types of online marketing. With the help of email marketing you can reach your target audience. The only challenge to be successful in email campaigns you need to build or purchase business email list.

Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing is a method where you can increase the visibility of your website in search engines. It gives you a benefit of increasing more traffic to your websites. There are two types of searches organic (natural) and paid search.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing method helps you to market your products or services through social networking sites. Most of the people in the globe spend more time on social media sites, It creates the brand awareness and customer interactions. It is a great way to attract new customers and to drive repeat business from existing clients.

Display Advertising: Display Advertising normally contains logos, images, locations and others. Formats of Display Advertising includes Banner Ads, Pop-up Ads and Text Ads. Display Advertising can be expensive and you can target the right audience by placing the ad on relevant websites.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing is a marketing method where you market your products or services on mobile phones such as smart phones. Customers can easily visit your website and can purchase your products.

Email Data Group offers Online Marketing Services that can enhances your brand image and make you popular in the web world.