6 Pre-Requisites for Email Appending

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Email Appending

Every marketer counts on email marketing when planning to target a large group of audience. Emails fit your marketing budget and convey the marketing message you want key decision makers to read. Email addresses, therefore, play an important role in driving email campaigns to your targeted clients. What if the email addresses in your database are no longer valid or you find that the domain name is wrong? You will see high bounce rate on sent emails, low sender reputation, may get your ip address blocked, etc. if you do not get your email list database fixed. The process which cleanses, updates and manages your email addressed list is known as Email Append. It requires the resources like customer name, phone number or mailing address, which can be used to take down customer email address. The below mentioned email appending pre-requisites will help you grow your users email database and get higher returns from your marketing programs:


Give recent records to vendor

When submitting records, see that you select recent data of clients you still have business relationships with. The data can be 4 years old or even newer, as newer the data, better the chances of you getting instant response from your clients.

Choose your match criteria
The data of your clients you select for getting their email address, should be appropriate. Like if you are looking for an individual match, the you can submit client’s full name, postal address, company name, zip code, etc. But if you want household match, then include company name, industry type, zip code, phone number, mailing address, etc., but no individual professional’s name.

Send the suppression file
Before you submit your data file to your email append vendor, check the email addresses you have used for email marketing. If there are email addresses of professionals who have opted-out from your email list, then send that in a suppression file to your email addresses list append provider. This helps you to be CAN-SPAM compliant and save you money on email addresses that have unsubscribed.

Welcome email with opt-in request
In the welcome emails, ask for your contact’s permission after getting their email addresses matched from the vendor with your given details. This is necessary as it helps to erase any undeliverable email addresses and also gives the recipients an option to opt-out. Do not include any sales pitch in your message. Use a conversational style that your clients will be accustomed to. After this step, the next emails that will be rolled out will have less opt-out rates.

Check the analytics
Any email’s success rate can be measured through metrics such as the open rates, click-through rates and response rates. So, check the results from your organic email dat file with the ones from of your in-house file. Track the difference in the results and you will know how your appended email addresses list has helped you gain your client’s trsut in your offers, brand and business.

Strengthen you email marketing strategy withe accurate and up-to-date email addresses (Also read: 5 Kinds of Email Addresses to be Removed from B2B Email Lists) and benefit from high sales.
Email Data Group’s email appending services help to boosts the performance of b2b email database.


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