Business Phone Appending Process

Phone numbers change as many times as emails do, or sometimes even more frequently. To improve your ROI by a substantial margin phone appending is a must. The process of phone appending adds missing numbers to your incomplete database, thereby converting it into a valuable list. You can choose to append phone numbers to your existing list with phone appending services that can fetch you the most up-to-date and accurate phone numbers to get the most out of every dial attempt.

The Process

At Email Data Group, the email appending process is done in just 5 simple yet highlyeffective steps:

Step 1 – Selection

The client compiles the database to be appended and shares the file with us via a secure FTP portal for the phone appending process.

Step 2 – Appending

The database uploaded on our FTP server is downloaded for appending. Phone numbers, present in our master database, are matched with client’s file and added to the database.

Step 3 – D-N-C screening

The freshly appended phone numbers are matched against our updated D-N-C list (Do Not Call) that is a pre-requisite of the phone appending process. Once the data is matched along with the latest, updated national D-N-C registry, the processed data is screened to comply with the do-not-call regulations and all the DNC registered contacts are removed from the list.

Step 4 – Tele-verification

Tele-Verification of the appended data is important to cross-check validity of the prospects. The tele-verification is carried out by our team of experts to ensure that only valid contacts are stored in the final database.

Step 5 – Upload

The cleansed and appended data is shared with the client in the original format via our FTP server for the client to access. For security purposes the data is shared via any medium apart from emails.