Types of Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing refers to the advertising or marketing method used to advertise or marketing through web or Internet. There are different types of online marketing methods to market your products or services.

Types of Online Marketing

Email Marketing: Email Marketing is the best choice compared to other types of online marketing. With the help of email marketing you can reach your target audience. The only challenge to be successful in email campaigns you need to build or purchase business email list.

Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing is a method where you can increase the visibility of your website in search engines. It gives you a benefit of increasing more traffic to your websites. There are two types of searches organic (natural) and paid search.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing method helps you to market your products or services through social networking sites. Most of the people in the globe spend more time on social media sites, It creates the brand awareness and customer interactions. It is a great way to attract new customers and to drive repeat business from existing clients.

Display Advertising: Display Advertising normally contains logos, images, locations and others. Formats of Display Advertising includes Banner Ads, Pop-up Ads and Text Ads. Display Advertising can be expensive and you can target the right audience by placing the ad on relevant websites.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing is a marketing method where you market your products or services on mobile phones such as smart phones. Customers can easily visit your website and can purchase your products.

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